Monday, July 4, 2011

my special people.

I am grateful for parents who love me unconditionally. For a mom who has taught me more things in just her actions than I can count and loved so deeply I think it hurts. A women who has taught me grace and love and gentleness are all so very important in your life. A woman who has a never ending love for me. For a dad who is the most hysterical person I know. A man who loves me like no man has to this day and wont let anyone take me until he loves me more that daddy does.

I am thankful for a brother who snuggles me even when he doesnt want to. For a brother who lets me wake him up just to talk, or loves me with "two arms". For a brother who helps me be a better women and loves me at my worst. For the only man who will ever know what it was like growing up in this house of mine. For the person that I am the most protective of and who I cant talk about too much or I cry.

I am grateful for grandparents who stand behind me always. For a grandmother who has taught me to knit, crochet, sew, quilt, bake, cook and love. For a grandfather that taught me that hard work pays off and to never give up. For a couple who has beat the odds by giving love a second chance. For a grandfather who calls me "Amy Liz" and a grandmother who is one of my very best friends.

I am grateful for a cousin who has come out of a lot of things and has turned himself into an amazing man of great character. For a cousin who loves me like a sister and would never let a thing happen to me. For a cousin who has a quiet strength about him that provides comfort to me in times where I feel like if my life turned upside down he'd be there standing strong to provide comfort and love for me.

I am thankful for a woman that has become my blood. For a woman whose words of encouragement always are what I need to hear. For a woman who is my biggest fan. For a woman who stands beside me at a distance and provides support. For a woman who has never ceased to amaze me with her patience, love and mercy. For a woman who God so lovingly placed into our family. For a woman who over the years had become a place of safety and confidence. For a woman who loves me so fiercely that she doesnt even have to say it, I just know.

I am thankful for an aunt and uncle who LOVE me. For an uncle who is the most kind hearted, giving, selfless man I know. Who would give you the shirt off his back and his next breath if you needed it. For a man who has loved me so tenderly from infancy. For an aunt who holds me so sweetly in her arms to let me know that she loves me. For an aunt who loves in such a sweet way that you cant help but smile.

I am grateful for (another) cousin who lets me in. For a cousin who makes me laugh and in the next breath tells me how wonderful I am. For a cousin who has taught me strength and if life hits you, get right back up again and keep trying. For a cousin who is a strong, beautiful woman that is constantly growing and becoming  better and better. For a cousin who isnt sitting in the status quo when she knows she deserves more. For a cousin who fights for what she wants and loves hard when she gets there.

I am grateful for 3 kids from South Dakota. For their cute little accents you can hear here and there. For the love you feel when you hug them. For the smiles on their faces when you walk in a room. For teenage boys who in one minute are "too cool for school" and the next are playing intently with a 6 year old, doing whatever he wants. For a sweet girl who just wants to take a break and read, when sitting quietly sharing a warm afternoon reading books is her cup of tea. Seeing these three grow into strong people. Knowing that they are going to make something of themselves. For these three who I love dearly and wish lived in California.

I am grateful for the 6 year old who makes me cry when he tells me he loves me. For the boy who gets so sad when I cant jump on the "tramp" with him cause I have a dress on. For the boy who loves knowledge so much its inspiring. For the boy that is better at loving his enemies than me. For the boy who teaches me how to love better. For the boy who makes me melt when he smiles. For the boy who has learned so much about being a person of character in his 6 years of life it unreal. For the boy who is the center of my world.

I cant tell you how thankful I am for each of you, how you have each made me better. Thank you for loving me despite myself and believing in me even when I didnt have the strength to do it. Your support, encouragement and love does more than I could ever ask for and you could ever know. I love you all with an endless love.

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