Saturday, January 22, 2011

to a new beginning

this is beyond beautiful.

so it this.
i've been reading over this blog to make sure that i came across the way that i wanted to. then i thought, you know what? i dont care. this is who i am, this is how i think, this is how i am going to write. but there is still a little bit of doubt in there that it's not good enough. that my writing isnt up to par. but, i have to remember its not about that. its about making jesus look glorified. that is it.

in light of turning over a new leaf, i thought i'd include this:

"bucket list 2011" 
loose 30 pounds
work out 4 times a week
get at least two A's each semester
make a 4th of july quilt
finish my teal and purple quilt
take more pictures every time i go out
talk to a certain someone about jesus
go to 5 concerts
get another job
go camping
read the whole old testament
encourage someone every week
ride a motorcycle again
go sky diving (ron ottenad)
go to the taping of a TV show
start running
go to all the museums in balboa park
cook more meals
watch all the movies that won best picture in academy awards
take vitamins every day
make weekly to-do lists and complete them
donate blood every 2 months (jan, march, may, july, sept, dec)
get a massage once a month
paint my room
print out pictures for my cork board
get up early and read my bible
blog 4 times a week
develop friendships
read books
save money for gifts for my friends
learn to love myself


  1. Amy, I have a lot of the same goals for the year, so we can do some of them together!

  2. i love the list girly...keep blogging! i love reading =)