Tuesday, May 3, 2011

its 90 degrees, where are you summer?

so, today it is a wonderful 90 degrees. i am sitting outside on a chair doing homework and blogging because its too fabulous to miss the sun. sometimes i hate the heat, but today i love it. it reminds me how lucky i am to live where i live. i love southern california. its only may 3rd and it feels like july.

speaking of summer, i only have 3 weeks left of school this semester (PTL) and then its party time. spring break was awesome, but i never feel like spring break is a tease of summer because im always busy with things. this time i went on a mission trip to san diego with jr.high and we worked there for 3 days. God was totally working in the hearts of my girls and one of them gave her life to jesus (again PTL). then i came home and was able to relax a little bit but then granny went into the hospital friday. she is out and fine now, but kinda scary none the less.

so, needless to say..i am ready for summer. although i am doing summer school. i am READY for the heat. reading a friends blog today, she had a list of things that she want so complete/do this summer. im a fan of this idea and decided to make a list of my own. here you go.

summer 2011

(( 1 )) go to the beach at least once a week (hopefully)
(( 2 )) get a tan 
(( 3 )) get great grades in my summer school classes
 (( 4 )) hang out with my friends all the time
(( 5 )) meet someone who can teach me to play guitar
(( 6 )) have 4 bonfires just cause
(( 7 )) have a GREAT 4th of july -- its my favorite holiday
(( 8 )) ride a motorcycle
(( 9 )) go on a road trip (mini or long)
(( 10 )) disciple one or two of my girls
(( 11 )) go on bike rides
(( 12 )) spend time in the sun everyday 
(( 13 )) wear more dresses
(( 14 )) do something really active 2 times a week
(( 15 )) deep clean my room, move furniture around, PAINT
(( 16 )) go camping
(( 17 )) hike to/see in person the Hollywood sign
(( 18 )) pierce my ears again
(( 19 )) take TONS of pictures
(( 20 )) make lots of fun playlists
(( 21 )) go on dates with Joe Boy
 (( 22 )) go to the orange county fair
 (( 23 )) ride the train somewhere for a day
 (( 24 )) throw another camping party/sleepover
(( 25 )) go to state street in Santa Barbara
 (( 26 )) go to venice
(( 27 )) go cliff/rock jumping somewhere
(( 28 )) start to garden
(( 29 )) tie dye party!
(( 30 )) go to the mountains to star-gaze at night
(( 31 )) go to a flea market
(( 32 )) boys vs. girls epic water war
(( 33 )) pull an all-nighter
(( 34 )) prank war
(( 35 )) play charades

i'll try to document all of these as i go :)


  1. 5. i've been wanting to learn guitar for SO long. same with the piano. but this girl has LITTLE free time! good luck with that.

    13. LOVE dresses...especially maxi dresses.

    17. on my to-do list.

  2. Alright, so let me say that I can help you/want to be involved in many of these things!

    I want to tan and do bonfires at the beach, we are going to san diego soon (does that count as a road trip?), a plan to hike to the hollywood sign has been in the works for a while now, i'm getting my ear pierced on my birthday-you could get in on it too, I would be down for all the last 7 things, and I know a pretty cool person that teaches guitar...

    Hit me up!

  3. amanda, done. no questions asked. im game.