Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 blogs in 30 days -- DAY 18-21

so, again i have been lacking. school is getting pretty hardcore. nonetheless. here we GO!

day 18 -- plans, dreams, goals you have.

well, i made a list a few months ago about things that i want to do in 2011 and then another one of things i want to do before I die.

this is my list for 2011. i have completed some of them, but not as many as i would have liked.

my list for my life is rather long, but ill pick 10 things to share with you
1. Take a trip to Israel to see the sights of the bible
2. Dance surrounded by fireflies
3. Be in Times Square on NYE when the ball drops
4. Run a marathon
5. Ride a camel
6. Be a regular in a restaurant as an elderly woman
7. Do a Christmas night annual party every year
8. Get a piece of jewelry from every place i visit
9. Have a library
10. Create a pot or vase that i love.

day 19 -- something that stresses you out.

 when i loose control or feel like i cant get everything done in the time that i have to do it in. also, driving behind or around a big rig or car carrier. no thanks.

day 20 -- hope for the future.

i would say essentially my hope is to fall in love, get married, have kids and love Jesus more each day as i long along in my life. also, that my kids would be passionate followers of Jesus.

day 21 -- picture of something that makes you happy.

there are so many things, i am having a hard time finding things. there are so many. UGHHH!

this boy

 my hair blowing in the wind

 older couples who are still fantastically in love.

whole-hearted worship

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