Thursday, March 10, 2011

being fought for daily.

recently, things in my life have made me feel almost as if i am not worth a fight. i am not worth getting into the mud and the dirt for. i am not worth fighting for. i am not worth seeing if putting in the work will pay off. i am seeing people give up and walk away out of fear and lack of effort.

as i have been sifting through all these emotions that come from this, i am feeling more and more fought for and pursued by my savior. i know that he thinks i am worth fighting for. he fights on my behalf everyday.

everytime i see this video i cry like i baby. i am so moved by the imagery it portrays. my favorite part is to watch the man that plays God. to know that this is  only a small amount of the emotion God feels on behalf of me. i also really identify the girl. i feel as if i get caught up in my life and it all looks so good, and yet God is there on the side waiting for me, trying to get my attention and i forget to give it to him.


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  1. you ARE worth fighting for my friend. don't let ANYBODY ELSE tell you different.

    LOVE how open and honest you are.