Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 blogs in 30 days -- DAY 6

day 06 -- a picture of something or someone that has had the biggest impact on you.

i couldnt pick just one, so here are a few.

1) The Cross, taught me love and surrender.

2) Joseph Charles Lovers, he taught me unconditional love.

3) Momma, she taught me forgiveness and how to be a strong, vibrant woman of God.

4) Kacie Alisa Downing, she taught me friendship.

5) Celina Marie, she taught me that i can make a difference.

6) Trav, he taught me independence and to rely upon Jesus

7) Kyle Devlin, he taught me how a man leads in relationship.

8) Todd Downing, he taught me that God has a plan for EVERYTHING.

9) These girls, taught me how to live :)

I have so many special people and loved ones in my life, just wanted to highlight a few.

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