Thursday, February 10, 2011

busy as a bee

i am busy, i mean not OVERLY busy but busy nonetheless. i have been fighting off this sickness that i think is winning at this point, which, i mean, is a barrel of fun :) i have been working, "schooling", "churching", "boyfriending", "friending" and "ministrying" a lot lately. although i am happy with all that is going on, i am quite exhausted from it all.

this weekend i had the pleasure of going to Forest Home for winter camp with my 6th grade girls. this was a great experience. i love camps, i love bonding, i love talking and worshiping and listening to how God is moving in the hearts of our students. there are a few particular kids in our group who made HUGE strides this weekend and it makes me heart so happy.

my 6th graders are great. it was their first trip out of childrens ministry and it was so fun to see them be excited about everything. although they knocked out at 930 pm on the first night, the 2nd night they were up until the wee hours of the morning (not to worry, Jess and I got out sleep still). they LOVED every second of it. we had 6 of our 9 girls go and Jess and I couldnt have been happier.

here are our girls making journals for camp : )

oh, Jess. she's my co-small group leader. she is great. she's a twin. her sister Hannah also works on staff with us and does 6th graders too. they are great. I met Jess in Mexico this past October and we hit it off. little did i know we'd be working together :) she is great, she loves our girls and really desires to know how to lead them well and have them learn to love God more. although there was some things about the weekend that I didnt like, overall it was okay

here she is, the weekend we met in Mexico!

I came home on Sunday (super bowl sunday)--go packers!-- and was so tired. Kyle and I went over to a friends house to watch the game with a bunch of friends and barely made it to the end of the game. we drove home and i passed out. i thought that would be the extent of my exhaustion. NOPE. i woke up monday morning like i hadn't slept a wink, when really i slept 11 hours. who knew? i went to work, 845-3 with kinders will take it out of you. my brain wasnt functioning right and i was entirely too emotional for my own good. that led to a long day let me tell you.

i am blessed to be apart of a small group on monday nights, which i love. i went to that and it redeemed my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day :) God's word always does that to me. haha. Tuesday was a flex day (no school!) so i spent it doing homework and cleaning. but Tuesday night i was able to go to a class at church about what to do when your well runs dry. the speaker talked about how morality isnt something that we can attain on our own, that we need to understand our need for Jesus and he will be the one that helps us achieve that. mind boggling to say the least. super great, saw a lot of familiar faces and most importantly....

TALKED TO RON ABOUT GOING SKY DIVING!  we are finding a place and setting the time. so hopefully, within a month or two, i will be able to say that i have jumped out of a plane!!! AHHH. one more thing on my bucket list :) holler.

this'll be me soon enough!

the race continues. school, work, ministry. i can do it.

oh, and happy vday <3

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