Thursday, April 21, 2011


about once every 2 months, i have something called SGO (( small group out ))

last night was our 3rd or 4th of the year. we went 80's themed roller skating.

it was quite an adventure. see, we got to the roller rink to find out that the "free skate" or wednesday nights had been cancelled because a church has rented it out. boo. good thing we were right around the corner from boomers. we thought on our feet and decided to go mini golfing instead.

here is a photo of us waiting for everyone to get there:

finally everyone had arrived! a girl in my small group brought a friend. this friend (lauren) had a mom that wasnt happy that we didnt get to go roller skating. she said she was going to go talk to the pastor of that church and she if she could get us in.

SHE DID IT! so we ended up crashing Calvary Chapel Huntington Beach's Family Skate night.

it was so awesome. we were decked out in our 80's gear and they looked at us all funny, but we didnt mind!

here are some photos from the evening!

::this one might be my fav:: 

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  1. ooh looks like someone has found picasa! next stop..andgram!