Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the last four.

well, here are the last 4 days of my 30 day blog challenge. have to admit, kinda happy about it :)

day 27 -- your day in great detail. 

friday april 15th contained:

7-10 - work.
10-1020 -went home and got changed
1045-1- met Cheryl at her apartment, walked down Bluff Park and down 2nd to Shorehouse Cafe and had a fabulous sandwich. loved it. walked back down to her apartment on Long Beach beach and was so happy. got a little bit sunburned, but was totally okay with it.
130-330 - cleaned the bathroom, finished laundry, cleaned the dishes and kitchen
330-630-  went to the airport with mom to pick up cousin sarah from south dakota, drove to costco, got dinner ((pizza, salad, chocolate cake,diet coke)), heard a girl (probs 17ish) screaming at her mom, cussing at her and kicking her feet cause she "didnt want to go f***ing home." (nice girl right?)
630-930- at home, ate dinner, went on the roof with joe boy, played with joe, talked, hung out
930-? - layed around the house, played on the computer, watched TV and went to bed. pretty great if i do say so myself.

day 28 -- a picture of you last year and now. how have you changed since then.



i have changed a lot since that time. the first picture was taken on spring break last year (2010) and the new picture was taken last tuesday at the Chris Tomlin concert. some things that have changed since then, dont have a boyfriend, working in jr. high again, got front bangs, loving my family more, Jesus is more real to me, friendships are more real to me. there has been a lot of growth in my life since then. i have had experiences that have broken me and allowed me to get stronger and become who i am. i also have things that are so great that i am able to share with the lovely people who surround me all the time.

day 29 -- a song that makes you cry (or nearly)

i have two:

carrie underwood: ill stand by you

bob carlisle:  butterfly kisses

day 30 -- explain how you got one of your scars

 well, when i was in hawaii last summer. the family and i went to Kipu Falls. ((so fun!)) it is like a 2 story tall cliff that has a lakeish thing at the bottom. so, i jumped off. it was fantastic! my nerves were so high that when i finally swam to the side to get out, i was shaking. i climbed up the janky ladder that was there and was walking back over to jump again. i was so excited and jumpy that i didnt notice there was like this dark abyss beneath my right foot, i slipped down and scrapped the crap out of my shin and bruised it. at the time it didnt hurt because my adrenaline was so high. after that wore off it hurt. so, yeah. pretty cool story :)

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