Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 blogs in 30 days -- DAY 2

The question is..." What gifts has God given you?"

I recently took a spiritual gifts test and my answers were:

1) Mercy
2) Hospitality
3) Administration

when i first read these, i was like are you kidding me? mercy? if you know me at all, i am a pretty straight forward person, i dont beat around the bush i say it like it is, im honest. so, i didnt really understand that. after reading over the explanations of these 3 things i couldnt have pinpointed my personality better if i tried. God has given me gifts that desire to know and help people. i am so excited about using these gifts with my 6th graders as well as my friends and family.

i also think that God has given me other gifts like the desire to encourage. my heart lights up when i get to encourage or affirm people with my words. i was reading a friends blog recently and she said that she loves to give words of affirmation, but she is just realizing that isnt how everyone feels love. it was such a good reminder that not everyone loves words as i do. but it doesnt hurt to send notes, emails or texts reminding the people you love how special they are to you.

i also think that God has given me the gift of being "outgoing" whatever that means. i have come to realize as i grow and mature that though i am a leader, i enjoy being a follower as well. i enjoy alone time or spending time one on one with friends. i enjoy engaging and cultivating deeper relationships with people. i think that God has made me perfectly relational and i love it.

so, that is what God has gifted me with that i can see. am i missing anything?

LOVE. <3

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